Some models may contain artifacts or visual errors - these are bugs in the editor itself and will be fixed soon
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ID for API: 7721
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How do I move or rotate the model?

Use the editor window above to rotate or move the model as you need, afterwards click Export to Minecraft to get a new command.
If you want to make more changes or remake the model completely, open the full version of the editor using the Edit in BDEngine button.

How to use it?

With the Axiom mod:

Be sure to install Axiom [modrinth] if you haven't already.

      1. Copy the command using the Command for Axiom button.
      2. Open the desired world in the game.
      3. Use ctrl + V to insert a model into the world.
      4. Click on the small white cube, next to the model, to move and rotate it.

Without the Axiom mod:

To use a command in the game, you need a Command Block, as the chat field in Minecraft has a character limit.

      1. Open the chat on the "/" button and paste this command into it:
/give @p command_block
      2. Place the Command Block in the desired location.
      3. Right-click on the Command Block and specify in the Console Command field - this model's command, which you can copy by clicking on Command Block [#] on the left side of this page.
      4. Change Need Redstone to Always Active.
      5. Press Done.

Now you can destroy the Command Block and enjoy the installed model. Repeat the procedure several times if necessary, if there are several model commands on the page.

Get the command

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